The Frome Independent Market launches for 2017

The Frome Independent Sunday March 5th 2017

The Frome Independent Market is set to launch this Sunday March 5th and we will be there selling our hand made traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese. As we mentioned in our Squeaky Cheese Curd post we will even have some cheese curd for sale which is quite rare for the market. The Frome Independent is a great day out for young and old alike. If you would like to learn more about the market and follow news online why not head to the Frome Independent facebook page.

Reclaim the high street

The Frome Independent seeks to nurture traders of sustainable products, contemporary design products and vintage fashion, collectables and furniture. There are traders of all types, from our traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese to the freshest coffee and the finest fashions. The finest seasonal produce will be available as well as some quite amazing street food. The Frome Independent is driving traffic into the high street shops as well as providing an environment for independent traders to bring their products and produce to the buying public. There is entertainment, demonstrations and something for everyone.

Gould’s Cheddar at a farmer’s market near you

We are confident that our new online store offers great ease of use and convenience when it comes to buying our cheddar cheese. However, you may prefer to buy your cheese in person and we can’t fault you on that as a trip to the local farmer’s market is surely something to treasure. To that end we will shortly publish our markets on this site where you’ll be able to stay up to date on where we will have our cheese for sale at markets across the country. So you’ll be able to check back regularly to find where our stalls will be on any given day. Of course if you can’t wait you can always order online.

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