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Fiery Fred’s Crazy Cheddar

With a natural flavour strong enough to wake the dead this Cheddar is not for the faint hearted.



Fiery Fred’s Crazy Cheddar is named after our very own Fred Gould who’s late Mother ‘Mrs Gould’ started making cheese here at Batch Farm back in 1964. This Cheddar has a natural hint of onion and at 18 to 36 months mature is the most senior member of our Cheddar range. Having built up a reputation here in Somerset as ‘the strongest cheddar around’ if you love stinky cheese this is the one for you.

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200g, 400g, 800g

217 reviews for Fiery Fred’s Crazy Cheddar

  1. Maurice Gardiner (verified owner)

  2. Nicole (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, where has this been all my life? Absolutely wonderfully gum-tingly cheese that’s full of flavour. Knocks supermarket stuff firmly into a cocked hat!

  3. William M. (verified owner)

    Put this out for a party of ppl who said it was very Goat tasting and was no bite that was being expected and it sadly got left.

  4. John Baine (verified owner)

    The best cheese I have ever eaten.

  5. Rory W. (verified owner)

  6. Toby Coulson (verified owner)

    Cheese with bite. This is one of the strongest cheddars I’ve ever tasted. Not for the faint hearted

  7. Jackie McMinn (verified owner)

    Really lovely tasty cheddar. Will definitely be ordering more.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Neil Elliott (verified owner)

    Brilliant keep up the good work

  10. Alan (verified owner)

    As I said in my last review I would buy some more and I did, I can’t get enough of this strong cheese!!!!

  11. Alan Foss (verified owner)

    The best cheddar I’ve tried, you can still taste it 10 mins after eating it! I live in kent and you only get the supermarket 🧀 cheeses where I live, this is a proper 🧀 cheese and I will definitely buy it again (Lovely on Crackers)! Alan

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    At last, a cheddar that comes close to the “tasty” cheddar I remember from youth in Somerset/Dorset, which was so strong it “made the roof of your mouth itch” (to quote my son). I will certainly order more in the future, and my son has already ordered some for himself. Keep up the good work – the stronger the better!

  13. Joan Harrop (verified owner)

    Fiery Fred is the strongest and tastiest cheese ever

  14. Neil Price (verified owner)

  15. Maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    excellent service as usual

  16. Andrew Bird (verified owner)

    Just the job

  17. Mike Griffiths (verified owner)

    Excellent cheese. Excellent service. Thank you

  18. Agnes H. (verified owner)

    Delivered with next day delivery as promised. I can’t comment on the taste yet I’m hoping for tastebuds begging for mercy. It won’t be opened until Christmas Day due to 7day after opening use by .
    Hopefully I’ll be returning for more ( in smaller quantity’s ( 2x 200 g) early in 2024.

  19. Amanda Goodwin (verified owner)

    Very strong and tasty

  20. Steve Lonsdale (verified owner)

    Absolutely bloody awesome no word’s can describe this incredible cheese 🧀

  21. Jeff Williams (verified owner)

    Beautiful cheese as ever. Special thanks to Rachel Cooper for superb customer service. Merry Christmas!

  22. anita (verified owner)

    The best strong cheddar you can buy

  23. John Baine (verified owner)

    Best cheese ever, literally

  24. MAURICE GARDINER (verified owner)

    fantastic rapid service as usual

  25. JOZEF MIKIETYN (verified owner)

    It really is something different in a cheese. Love it.

  26. Jenny (verified owner)

    So tasty!

  27. Dawn (verified owner)

  28. ALAN S. (verified owner)

    Very best tasty cheese i have ever had.well done.

  29. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Artisanal and complex, best old cheddar I’ve tasted in forever. Feisty and nippy, every mature cheese lover needs this in their life.

  30. Terry (verified owner)

    Fantastic strong cheddar

  31. Phil G. (verified owner)

    If you like strong cheddar this is the best.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. Jeff Williams (verified owner)

    Beautiful cheese, as ever!

  34. Graham Long (verified owner)

    great cheese

  35. Colin J. (verified owner)

    Just… the best!!!!

  36. PATRICK GREENGROW (verified owner)


  37. Karen Fallaize (verified owner)

    The best cheese we had in a long time so tasty, will buy again

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Strongest cheddar I’ve tasted for a long time! Delicious

  39. Jeff Williams (verified owner)

    Beautiful cheese. Love Fiery Fred. Nothing else out there tastes remotely like it!

  40. C Copeland (verified owner)

  41. JANE HADLAND (verified owner)

    I would like to commend you on prompt service and super fiery red cheddar. It is definetely our favourite.
    Would recommend you to all our friends

  42. Ollie Thompson (verified owner)

    Tangy! Beautiful cheese!

  43. Mandy (verified owner)

    Fabulous service. Brilliant cheese. From ordering to in my fridge in less than 24 hours.

  44. Colin Jones (verified owner)

    My ‘Go to’ – the best!!

  45. Lynne M. (verified owner)

    Amazing cheese and prompt delivery. Will be buying again.

  46. Ben

    Upon opening the packet I thought I might have made a mistake. It may be because just hours previously I’d had the pleasure of clearing a kitchen waste pipe that had been blocked for months and the smell emanating from the packet wasn’t entirely dissimilar. First bite of the cheese….that’s interesting. Second bite….LOVE IT! Proper strong cheddar that actually tastes ‘farmy’. Recommended for those who eat with their mouths, not their noses. Knocked one star off because I’m tired of visiting friends and family asking what the smell is.

  47. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Hands down the best cheddar . Unctuous just superb

  48. Colin Jones (verified owner)

    Would give more than 5 stars if possible – simply the best cheddar!!

  49. Graham Long (verified owner)

    great tang well worth the money

  50. John Baine (verified owner)

    Quite literally the best strong cheddar I have ever tasted! My wife discovered it at Glastonbury where I was performing (Attila the Stockbroker) and knew I would like it. But she makes me keep it in the SHED because it smells
    so wonderful 🙂

  51. Stephen Byrne (verified owner)

    I have never tasted a cheese like it, once it is open you can’t stop.

  52. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    brilliant as usual

  53. Lynne M. (verified owner)

    Lovely cheese selections, great communication.

  54. robert horwood (verified owner)

    promt delivery and a very tasty cheese highly recomended

  55. Ken Rolph (verified owner)

    APC are not very accurate at tracking, though arrive it did – 2 days earlier!

  56. Jason Marriott (verified owner)

    As hardcore as ever! The strongest cheddar. Delivered quickly too. Thank you.

  57. Graham Long (verified owner)

    you can,t bet this one super strong

  58. Ken Rolph (verified owner)

    It’s a meal, not just a snack!

  59. Alexander B. (verified owner)

  60. David Heard (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite cheese from a brilliant company!!!

  61. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    beautiful flavour and service as usual

  62. John Barringer (verified owner)

    If it were possible, I would rate it as a “10”

  63. Ray Finch (verified owner)

    Great service

  64. John Baine (verified owner)

    Literally the very best cheese I have ever tasted, and I’m 64. (I am also a performance poet with over 50,000 social media followers, if you want to help me publicise it, get in touch at [email protected])

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

  66. Rosalyn H. (verified owner)

    I love this cheese

  67. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    brilliant service and cheese as usual

  68. David H. (verified owner)

    As the name says, not for the weak

  69. ben kelly (verified owner)

    love it thank you

  70. James E T (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery & well packaged.

  71. JOHN W. (verified owner)

    Excellent product “” firry Fred cheese”” arrived on time very secularly packaged,, and yes i’ll be back for more , i have passed your name on ,,,thank you,,,

  72. Michael Kelly (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet but service fine.

  73. Leslie Watkinson (verified owner)

  74. ANDREW BIRD (verified owner)

    loved it beautiful

  75. Steve B. (verified owner)

  76. Leslie Watkinson (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery and very tasty cheese as usual

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really delicious! Thanks

  78. Brian (verified owner)

    Great cheese, great service, could I have 1 large portion of cheese rather than 2 small in future?

  79. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    great service as usual

  80. Graham Long (verified owner)

    one off the best cheese plenty of flavour

  81. Megan (verified owner)

  82. Simon (verified owner)

    Beautiful cheese! Delivery was quick and great care taken with packaging.

  83. robert horwood (verified owner)

    a wonderfull tasty cheddar cheese

  84. Andrew Frost (verified owner)

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As website couldn’t order but was good to talk to a human who took my order and was delivered next day

  86. William Hughes (verified owner)

    Being a bit of a ‘nutter’ on cheese, when I was introduced to this, it blew my mind! Everything I would look for in a strong cheddar was right here. Perfect – and it certainly delivered the ‘punch.’ Just wonderful. Six stars!!!!!👍👍

  87. Jarrett N. (verified owner)

  88. Garry Hallett

    Have tried many so called strong cheeses, this one is definitely the one, will without a doubt be purchasing more on a regular basis.

  89. Leigh HAWKER (verified owner)

    Very strong cheese

  90. Gina Huxley (verified owner)

    Love this cheese

  91. Leslie Watkinson (verified owner)

  92. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    fantastic quality and service as usual

  93. Jane (verified owner)

    Outstanding cheese, so much flavour. Highly recommend it

  94. graham long (verified owner)

    great tasty cheese i will tell my friends

  95. Philip Read (verified owner)

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

  97. William Clark (verified owner)

  98. robert horwood (verified owner)

    the usual tasty cheese

  99. Kelly (verified owner)

    Really happy with this.

  100. graham long (verified owner)

    great tasty cheese

  101. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Gift. Recipient really pleased.

  102. John Barringer (verified owner)

  103. Sue (verified owner)

    Fires up your taste buds!

  104. john s. (verified owner)

    The service was excellent. I will ordering again soon. John S.

  105. William Clark (verified owner)

    See my above comment

  106. Jeff Williams (verified owner)

    Superbly powerful sensation of a taste. Utterly peerless. Nothing else like it on the market.

  107. Barry D. (verified owner)

  108. David (verified owner)

    Fast quick delivery very happy

  109. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

  110. Chris (verified owner)

    This was too strong for even the ripest cheese lovers in my house. My dad liked it though

  111. Stephen S. (verified owner)

  112. Sue Watkins (verified owner)

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The cheeses are always excellent. First time I’ve bought cheese online and it was very fast and easy. Long sell by dates was great – would have bought more if I’d known.

  114. robert horwood (verified owner)

    a great tasting cheese how cheese should taste

  115. John Baine (verified owner)

    Fiery Fred’s Cheddar is the best cheese I have ever tasted. We discovered it at Glastonbury and I actually sang its praises on the Cabaret stage that year. I have over 40,000 social media followers (check Attila the Stockbroker on Facebook and Twitter ) and have sent quite a few your way. For a couple of lumps a month I am happy to do loads of publicity for you 🙂

  116. Lindsay A. (verified owner)


  117. Angela Lodge (verified owner)

    Good cheddar a bit too fiery.

  118. Simon Oliver (verified owner)

  119. Mark Birtchnell (verified owner)

    amazing cheese

  120. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    great as usual

  121. Neil (verified owner)

  122. Barbara Stratton (verified owner)

  123. Graham Duff (verified owner)

    Tasty, but the fridge is stinking! 😂

  124. Richard (verified owner)

  125. Barbara Stratton (verified owner)

  126. Mark N. (verified owner)

    Strong and flavoursome

  127. Vicki Jones (verified owner)

    it’s def stromg!!!! Not for the faint hearted

  128. Nicola M. (verified owner)

    My favourite strong cheddar

  129. Jason (verified owner)

  130. Phil (verified owner)

    Didnt try yet, but smells amazing!!

  131. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    excellent service and quality as usual

  132. Ingrid (verified owner)

    I read that it paired really well with the cheese curds in a toasted sandwich. It really was very good. Glad I got it to try!

  133. Struan (verified owner)

    Extremely potent cheese that needs to be experienced to be believed. I never thought cheddar could be so flavorful.

  134. Katherine (verified owner)

  135. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Too strong for me

  136. Lianne Samme (verified owner)

  137. Nicholas R. (verified owner)

    I should have read the description better as there’s nothing ‘Fiery’ about this cheddar. It is a strong taste though.

  138. Jeff Williams (verified owner)

    Unique taste.

  139. Leanne S. (verified owner)

    Unique taste, worth trying . I used it in a cheese and olive bread

  140. Jim Canning (verified owner)

    This is certainly very strong in flavour and taste.

  141. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Okay, this is a bit crazy. Possibly the strongest non-blue cheese I’ve ever had. Tastes better than it smells. While interesting, not sure it would be one I’d have too often.

  142. robert horwood (verified owner)

    tastiest cheese i have eaten once again highly recommended

  143. Nick Parry (verified owner)

    Received order ok, postage wasn’t cheap though.

  144. Stephen Wortley (verified owner)

  145. Tianna (verified owner)

  146. Ben Cranham (verified owner)

  147. Steve B. (verified owner)

    The delivery man held this at arms length – so strong!

  148. Mr Martin Monk (verified owner)

    Very strong flavour, excellent

  149. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    perfect as usual

  150. Janet Ford (verified owner)

  151. Sophia (verified owner)

  152. stuart ferris (verified owner)

  153. Michael Barnes (verified owner)

    A lovely strong cheddar, with the finish of a Blue!

  154. Robert H. (verified owner)

  155. John Baine (verified owner)

  156. Ian M Timmins (verified owner)

    This is a lovely cheese to nibble with a real kick as the name suggests. Delicious!

  157. Tracy (verified owner)

  158. C D Jones (verified owner)

  159. Maurice (verified owner)

    brilliant as usual

  160. Robert Horwood (verified owner)

    wonderful cheese tatiest i have ever eaten

  161. g butchers (verified owner)

    Super super strength. We were delighted. Was as described on the “box”. What a fantastic tasting strong cheese. Will be ordering again

  162. Glyn Parker (verified owner)

    Still the best cheddar ever !! The dairy was also very flexible by posting the cheese rather than sending by courier which saved money based on the small order that I placed

  163. Sheryn (verified owner)

    Good service and great smelly but fab cheese

  164. Maurice (verified owner)

    excellent as usual

  165. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This one was so strong we had to double bag it! Fantastically sharp on the tongue, and mouth wateringly mature. It certainly lives up to its name.

  166. Peter (verified owner)

    I have been trying to find a good strong cheddar for years and now I have found it – brilliant.

  167. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Sharp and delicious!

  168. Julie Smith (verified owner)

    Hasn’t arrived yet

  169. Glyn Parker (verified owner)

    Couldn’t wait any longer !! Simply had to order more Fiery Fred’s Cheddar …..simply delicious 🙂

  170. Carole S. (verified owner)

    Wow – this is STRONG but extremely tasty. As you say not for the faint-hearted! I’ll definately be back for more.

  171. Maurice (verified owner)

    excellent as usual

  172. Chris Saville (verified owner)

    First cheese that I have ever been able to smell BEFORE I opened the sealed wrapper! Certainly has a bite with a hint of onion!
    Strongest cheddar I have found and I have had very very many disappointments previously! Will have to try the others next!

  173. Michael Wills

    The finest Cheddar I have ever tasted. A crusty roll, a good think slice of Fiery Fred, a thick slice of raw onion and a pint of dry cider, I’ve gone to heaven.

  174. brenda docker (verified owner)

    This bring a smile to my husband face.for are anniversary.

  175. Cheesy Pete

    So strong it curdled my socks!!!

  176. ROBERT HORWOOD (verified owner)

  177. Toby Coulson (verified owner)

  178. Maurice Gardiner (verified owner)

    beautiful cheese and excellent service

  179. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Delicious taste and brilliant customer serivce!

  180. Jamie (verified owner)

    An really tasty,and twangy cheese!.

  181. Mike Hopkin (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I believe I paid more online than I did buying direct from the farm, jus wondered why !

  182. jenny r. (verified owner)

    This absolutely is the strongest cheddar you can buy! It is such a complex flavour, an absolute gem.

  183. HELEN EVANS (verified owner)

    Poor customer service

  184. ROBERT HORWOOD (verified owner)

  185. Phil G. (verified owner)

    Strongest cheddar I’ve had. Spot on delivery and amazing taste not my first order won’t be my last well done all at GOULDS.

  186. jeff williams (verified owner)

    Gorgeous cheese

  187. Robin Foot (verified owner)

    Has not been delivered.

  188. gerald clifford (verified owner)

    Pongs a bit, needs to be well wrapped when in the fridge. But if you like strong cheddar (strongest I’ve EVER tasted) then it’s well worth it. A cheese to savour.

  189. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    great cheese as usual

  190. John Baine (verified owner)

    The best cheese I have ever tasted in my whole life. Ever. Makes everything else taste blander than Coldplay. The dog’s bollocks! My wife thinks it’s disgusting and I have to keep it in the shed. THAT’s how good it is!

  191. Elaine Watson (verified owner)

  192. ROBERT HORWOOD (verified owner)

    wonderfull tasty cheese

  193. glyn.parker3 (verified owner)

    The best cheddar I have ever tasted ! Strong, creamy and extremely rich flavour.

  194. Darren Keirle (verified owner)

    Very unique flavour, enjoyed it.

  195. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    still the tastiest cheddar I have found

  196. LEIGH HAWKER (verified owner)

    very firery

  197. Glyn Parker (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best cheddar I have ever tasted ….. and I have tried hundreds !

  198. Richard Crooks (verified owner)

    A fantastic cheddar! Incredibly strong, but very tasty. This is truly a cheddar to savour. Utterly delicious!

  199. ROBERT HORWOOD (verified owner)

    If you like a realy tasty, strong cheddar, then this is the one!

  200. Maurice Gardiner (verified owner)

    excellent as usual

  201. Jeffrey Williams & Mrs Williams (verified owner)

    This order has not been received as yet…..Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

  202. Kirsty Gordon (verified owner)

    amazingly stinky cheese, I could smell it before I opened the very promptly delivered parcel. Tastes so good, like no cheddar I’ve had before. Fantastic customer service. Will definitely be recommending this company to others. Thank you 🙂

  203. ROBERT HORWOOD (verified owner)

    A very tasty tasty cheese

  204. Maurice Gardiner (verified owner)

    first class as usual

  205. Lyndon Cooper (verified owner)

  206. ROBERT HORWOOD (verified owner)

    a lovely strong tasty cheddar i love it

  207. Ingrid Aldridge (verified owner)

  208. Jeff Williams (verified owner)

    One of the most distinctive and tasty cheddars that I have ever tasted.

  209. sheila williams (verified owner)

    is there any way they can br vacuum packed c

  210. Rosalyn Honeyman (verified owner)

    I love it

  211. Martin Nicholas

    Weapons-Grade Cheddar, what Pilgrims and Cathedral city vintage fail to be (as reasonable as they are) this is what A mature, hard cheese should be.

    Do not eat without a good Merlot or Pinotage even an East-Coast IPA

    Absolutely fantastic

  212. vicki luck (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Fiery Fred’s by a friend and decided to order some for myself! I was super impressed with the speed and quality of delivery, and it is amazing, I highly recommend this cheese if you love a strong cheddar.

  213. maurice gardiner (verified owner)

    tastiest cheddar available

  214. Liz Trudgeon (verified owner)

    The nicest cheddar we’ve ever had. Really mature

  215. mark taylor (verified owner)

    What an outstanding cheese. Not just strong (though it is) but with a ‘rural’ flavour character you just don’t get from supermarket cheeses. I’ll be back for more!

  216. Robert Horwood (verified owner)

    wonder full service and wonderfull cheese

  217. Michelle Bloomfield (verified owner)

    My favourite cheese, rich and full of flavour very aromatic

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