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Hot Chilli & Chive Squeaky Cheese Curd

Hot Chilli and Chive cheese curd, that squeaks! Enjoy on its own or sprinkle over chips and smother in gravy. Upscale your poutine with this awesome flavour.

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Time to bring the heat! Our all new Hot Chilli and Chive Cheese Curd is perfect for the longer winter nights and is launching just in time for Halloween and Bonfire Night. Our unique flavouring process creates an extremely balanced flavour while ensuring you get that unbeatable curd texture. It takes about 6 hours from milk to curd and is good to eat straight away. Our cheese curd is produced as part of our cheddar making process. Following the Cheddaring process the cheese is cut and minced producing the curds. The flavouring is then added and it is packed straight away to seal in the flavours.

Our cheese curds were recently named Cheese Curd of the Year in Lux Life Magazine.

lux life magazine award

Delivery Throughout the UK

We supply throughout the UK and ship more cheese curd than almost every other product available within our online store. It is a very versatile product and is sensational fresh out of the pack (and stunning just after it is made). Squeaky cheese curd is a favourite with our Canadian friends who combine it with chips and a good helping of gravy to produce ‘Poutine’. Poutine is a favourite across fairgrounds in North America but cheese curd is no one trick pony. Turn it into the secret ingredient in your cheese sauce or make the worlds greatest cheese burger. The options are endless. We’d love to hear what you use it for so please get in touch with us on facebook.

Please note that our Cheese Curds are packaged frozen to ensure they get to you as fresh as possible. This has no impact at all on the taste or texture of the product.

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