Smoked Goats Black Waxed

Sudried Tomato and Basil blended with Goats Cheese. Its an alternative to our Cheddar range but still tasts like pizza when melted on toast.

Ingredients: Goats Cheese (Contains GOATS MILK, Rennet & Salt), Sundried Tomato, Basil.

The Black Wax is not edible.

Please Note that this cheese is made in an environment that uses COW’S MILK



New to the Batch Farm Range are our handcrafted Flavoured Black Wax Truckles, now made from our Goats Cheese.   Our carefully selected goat’s cheese is traditionally smoked using oak chips here on Batch Farm.  Once blended the truckles are hand finished and waxed by hand on-site.

Goats Cheese is traditionally smoked for a unique flavor.

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