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Garlic Lovers Cheese Curd Selection

A cheese curd selection for the garlic lovers.



This new selection pack includes 1kg of our Chilli & Garlic with Herbs Cheese Curd and 1kg of our all new Garlic & Herbs Cheese Curds for only £22 (a saving of almost £2).

Please note that our Cheese Curds are dispatched frozen in specialist packaging to ensure they remain as fresh as possible. This has no impact at all on the taste or texture of the product. They will have defrosted by the time they are delivered to your door, usually within 24 – 48hrs, but these can then be safely refrozen into smaller portion sizes on arrival or consumed within 7 days if you refridgerate.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 27 × 25 cm

3 reviews for Garlic Lovers Cheese Curd Selection

  1. Erin B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Great selection

  2. Sharon Daniells (verified owner)

    OMW! Stunning, thank you.

  3. Emily (verified owner)


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