Gould’s Cheddar: Award winning traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese from Somerset

A history of award winning cheddar cheese

At Batch Farm we have been producing award winning farmhouse cheddar cheese for more than 50 years. Our family secret techniques, the quality of our own milk and our generations of experience combine to create cheese that is loved by all of our customers. This has also been recognised by award judges throughout the years. We have won a multitude of awards over the years and continue to do so each year. Below is a slideshow of our awards from the 2016 Frome Cheese Show.

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Award winning cheddar cheese through the years

Over the past 50 years we have racked up an impressive amount of awards across the board. The 3 main shows that we enter are
The British Cheese Awards held at the Royal Bath and West Show; The Global Cheese Awards, held at the Frome Agricultural Show
and the World Cheese Awards.

We rarely achieve less than bronze at any show and have successfully won “champion cheese” or “best at show” on multiple occasions. We are proud of our Cheddar and it’s impressive history and we fully intend to continue bringing home trophies in the years ahead.

In time we will list all of our awards on the website. Every now and then we plan to release a blog post that relives some award winning cheese throughout the years of traditional farmhouse cheese production here at Batch Farm Cheese Makers. For now, here’s a photo of the awards we have received throughout the years. There are a lot of cups too but we are still in the process of photographing them.

awards for traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese through the years

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